Hello and thank you for visiting my site.

My Jewellery explores chemical reactions, between silver & coloured glass.

My fused glass flowers & lilies are inspired by my love of colourful & scented flowers.

The bowls are experiments in combining colours, technique & texture.

The highly polished cast shapes represent ice sculptures, the dichroic veiling within inspired by the Aurora Borealis.
The cast face is part of a developing range of work, inspired by both visiting the V&A ‘Disobedient Objects’ exhibition and the news in 2014 that ISIS had trapped 140,000 Yezidi people up Sinjar Mountain in Iraq.

The stories that came out of their abhorrent and brutal treatment of the women and children in particular, and since then the Syrian women and children also, led to a desire to show the fragility and suffering of the humans caught up in this and the strength of family. Also referencing the amazing art of Syrian artists in exile.